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ADHD coaching support provides a practical and effective intervention to help individuals overcome challenges and achieve better life management. Whether you experience academic, career, emotional, or interpersonal difficulties, ADHD coaching support can provide targeted assistance. It’s important to note that a formal diagnosis of ADHD is not necessary to benefit from ADHD coaching support.

ADHD can manifest in various ways, with symptoms falling into subtypes of hyperactivity, inattention, or a combination of both. Additionally, several factors can exacerbate symptoms, including competing time demands, anxiety, stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, and certain foods or additives.


Characterised primarily by constant fidgeting, excessive talking, restlessness, making hasty, unplanned actions, interrupting others or making significant decisions without considering consequences, a desire for immediate rewards, or difficulty with delayed gratification.


Characterised by both hyperactivity and impulsivity, as well as inattention.


Difficulty sustaining attention on and completing tasks, trouble paying attention to details, easily distracted, struggle with organisation and meeting deadlines, often loses things and forgets routine chores.

With ADHD coaching support, you can develop strategies to navigate these challenges, optimise your strengths, and enhance your overall well-being.

ADHD coaching support can work well for the following difficulties:
  • Concentration, focus, and attention
  • Communication
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Relationships – personal and professional
  • Managing sensory sensitivities
  • Coping with the school or work environments
  • Managing transitions and change
  • Managing emotions, including anger
  • Developing impulse control
  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Time-management
  • Goal-setting and motivation
  • Initiating and completing tasks
  • Poor sleep and insomnia
  • Anxiety and stress
How ADHD coaching support works

You will need to book a 30-minute free discovery session with a coach via the bookings page. During the discovery call, you will get to know the coach and find out if their approach is right for you. Additionally, you and the coach will agree on the frequency and time of the coaching sessions.

What you can expect from ADHD coaching support
  • Initial sessions involve getting to know one another and establishing your priorities, goals, and objectives.
  • Coaching that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • Option of weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions.
  • Option of 30 to 120-minute sessions.
  • Option of face-to-face sessions, walk-and-talk coaching, or sessions online via Zoom (you can request another video call option).
  • Regular progress reviews and reformulation sessions.
  • Tools and exercises to aid positive mental health, your progress, and improvement.
  • Text check-ins between sessions as required.
How much does it cost?

Coaching sessions range from £120 to £240 +VAT per 60 minutes. We also offer lots of slots at a reduced rate for those on a low income or where they are grant funded; we don’t want the price to be a barrier for you to access support.

You may be entitled to apply for a grant that can either pay for the coaching in full or contribute towards the costs via the UK government access to work scheme.

Our approach encourages you to feel at ease, be connected and be inspired to find answers within yourself.

Neuro Directions

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Neuro Directions Accredited coaches

Coaching individuals with neurodivergence requires specific skills, expertise, and knowledge so that coaching models and techniques can be adapted to suit your individual needs. Our coaches participate in continued professional development and supervision to keep skills and knowledge current. 

Some of our coaches are neurodivergent themselves and some are neurotypical and each coach has a unique set of skills and experiences which informs their coaching practice. All highly skilled and with the experience and expertise required to ensure you feel fully understood and supported.

As a team, we are passionate about being the best we can be for the people we support. Coming from a wide range of professional backgrounds as a collective we share ideas but it also means that you can find the right coach for you.

Our Partners

We specialise in coaching, mentoring, training, and consultancy. However, we recognise that neurodivergent people might need support from other services too. To this end, we work in close partnership with several organisations that offer assessment, medication, therapy, and counselling, as well as practical and targeted support for executive functioning.