Neuro Directions – Ricky Lewis

Ricky Lewis
ADHD and Autism Coach
  • Working with adults and young people
  • Trauma-informed approach
  • Experience of co-occurring mental health conditions
  • Crisis management
  • 20 years of experience as a fully qualified Mental Health Nurse with the NHS.
  • Subsidised rates offered
  • Session offered online online

Hello, my name is Rick. At the age of 42, I was diagnosed with combined type ADHD, just a few months after my 7-year-old son received the same diagnosis.

ADHD can be a highly misunderstood and potentially debilitating condition, often leaving individuals feeling isolated, with negative thoughts creeping in and leading to increased feelings of failure and worthlessness.

It’s important to remember that every person is unique and experiences ADHD in their own distinct way. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. What unites everyone with ADHD, however, is a set of hidden skills and talents that have often been overshadowed by negative experiences.

The goal of coaching is to empower you to move forward in life, challenging the limiting beliefs that can hold us back from achieving our aspirations and dreams. Through patience, setting realistic and attainable goals, and a commitment to the process, you can make your life more fulfilling.

My background includes nearly 20 years of experience as a fully qualified Mental Health Nurse with the NHS, where I’ve worked in a range of clinical settings. This has included supporting young people, adults, and older individuals in inpatient settings, Crisis Teams, Home Treatment, Early Intervention in Psychosis, as well as nursing and residential home intervention for people with Dementia. My most recent role involved managing a Community Mental Health Team for older persons.

I’ve also encountered various mental health issues common among people with ADHD, such as Depression and Anxiety. I have substantial experience in these areas, as well as with conditions like Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Bi-Polar Disorder, Personality Disorders, and Substance Misuse.

In addition to my nursing background, I’ve obtained a Level 1 ADHD coaching qualification through ADHD works and completed modules on Simply ADHD and Personal Transformation through ADDCA. I’m currently working through a Level 2 Autism Awareness course.

I have a strong interest in Mindfulness and plan to obtain formal qualifications in this area in the near future. My long-term goal is to facilitate Mindfulness groups specifically for individuals with ADHD and/or Autism.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile for more information about my professional background, qualifications, and accreditations.

Our Partners

We specialise in coaching, mentoring, training, and consultancy. However, we recognise that neurodivergent people might need support from other services too. To this end, we work in close partnership with several organisations that offer assessment, medication, therapy, and counselling, as well as practical and targeted support for executive functioning.