What is Systemic Contextual Coaching?

About Systemic Contextual Coaching

We do not live isolated within our body and mind system but interconnected to a broader network of systems. Systemic contextual coaching recognises that growth and development happen in dynamic engagement across the more comprehensive systems we are part of and relate with. For example, our communities and cultures shape our language, ways of being, thinking, and doing. Systemic contextual coaching is about the dynamic relationship between multiple levels of systems that are part of our lives. Applying this model through the lens of neurodivergence offers a unique approach to overcoming the challenges and barriers individuals with ADHD and Autism can experience.

Within my model of systemic contextual coaching, the system itself and each area are functionally contextual. Each area affects the whole system and is interconnected to the individual’s circumstances. When coherence occurs across the entire system, there is energetic alignment, stability, and productivity. When coherence occurs across each area, we become happy.

Within my model, there are four aspects that relate to different parts of an interconnected system as shown in the diagram below;

Systemic Contextual Model of Coaching

Universal context

The universal context is the higher-level system and the underlying essence of all being and becoming in the universe.  It can encompass ideas of God, spirituality, astrology, quantum physics, and reality outside human perception and consciousness.

Collective context

How our ‘being’ or ‘self’ works within the social constructs of societal, cultural, and community systems. It includes our morals and ethics.

Self context

Our sense of self in the here and now links to our past and ideas about our future selves.  Our awareness of ourselves and how ‘self’ can be developed. This refers to how our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning and vice versa.

Values context

The core and guiding compass of chosen life directions. Our values are connected to life purpose and personal growth (eudaimonia).

We live in the world and the world lives in us

Systemic contextual coaching requires systemic perceiving, systemic being, and systemic relating; we can uniquely offer all three of these and help you develop these skills.

Systemic perceiving begins with recognising that we are part of every system we see and hear and only perceive the world through our subjective lens and from a particular place within the system.

Systemic being changes our intention and how we present not just to another but to all that we can sense and experience in the broader system. This is to be in service of what you want and what your world requires of you and from the coaching.

Systemic relating is triadic rather than dyadic; it is not just a dialogue between us facing each other but where we are shoulder to shoulder collaboratively enquiring about the common purpose of your work together and the emerging potential waiting within you and your broader context to come alive.