Neuro Directions – Paul Crawte

Neurodiversity Coach
  • Working with Young People aged 14+ and Adults
  • EMCC Senior Practitioner Accredited Coach
  • Access to work coaching/support
  • Expertise in leadership and development
  • Mental Health First Aider and Trainer
  • Subsidised rates offered
  • Session offered online

When the ways we experience and process information around us differ from the average person, we can find neurodiversity bringing its own rewards and challenges to our lives. We may feel stuck or lost, perhaps finding things overwhelming. Maybe redundancy is looming? Or a yearning for a fundamental change is brewing in our minds.

I can offer a wealth of experience gained through leadership roles in charities, youth work, community organisations, and the public sector. My specialties include working with those seeking to grow in their lives, finding new ways to overcome blocks and to thrive through times of disruption. I have worked with a wide range of people including the neurodiverse, students, returners to the work place, those challenged by long-term illness, and people experiencing mental health challenges.

Whether you have a formal diagnosis or recognition of a neurodivergence, or like me are awaiting an “official” screening following advice from those that know, I aim to work with you to help  identify your motivations and skills, and to consider areas where personal development might of use. Our coaching sessions can be light hearted, although they may also be challenging to help clarify what is driving the things discussed. I will ask you to try new things, both in the session and outside, to test out other ways of acting and thinking to see what works. It would be great to chat to see if we can work together.

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