Neuro Directions – Helen Sander-Williams

Helen Sander-Williams, Solution Focussed Coach
Solutions Focused Coach
  • Working with Adults aged 18+
  • Accredited Master Coach
  • ADHD Coaching with a focus on improving executive function
  • Access to work coaching/support
  • Expertise in Health and Nutrition
  • Business Coaching
  • Particular interest in late diagnosis
  • Lived experience of ADHD
  • Solutions Focused Coaching
  • Over 8 years experience supporting adults
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Subsidised rates offered
  • Session offered online or in person (Charlbury, Oxfordshire)

Helen Sander-Williams BA (Hons), Post Grad Dip. (Coaching and Mentoring), Executive Function Skills Cert. (CIM), Cert. Counselling Skills (WPF), PN2 Certified Master Coach.

Helen specialises in helping people who have received an ADHD diagnosis as adults.  With lived experience of ADHD and being diagnosed in later life herself,  she understands the challenges, frustrations and complications that a lack of diagnosis in earlier years may bring.  She offers a positive, solutions focused approach – understanding that whilst often very gifted, people with ADHD can be prone to underachieving as they need a specific approach and support in order to fulfil their potential. Together we create a ‘roadmap’ of clear steps that will quickly help you achieve your life and work goals whilst helping to build your confidence in yourself and starting thriving.

Helen also has lived experience of parenting a neurodivergent child. 

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