Neuro Directions – Caroline Gorden

Health and Wellbeing Coach
  • Working with adults aged 18+
  • Life Coaching
  • Addiction Recovery Coaching
  • Special interest in the relationship between ADHD and addictive behaviours
  • Access to work coaching/support
  • Expertise in managing burnout
  • Trained in cognitive behavioural therapy
  • ADHD and Autism Workplace needs coaching and reasonable adjustments
  • Lived neurodiverse experience
  • Sessions offered online only
  • Subsidised rates offered
  • Over 20 years experience supporting adults

My mission is to help you gain practical tools and strategies to support you in achieving the success you dream of. I have 14 years of experience teaching students in a university that is working towards becoming a trauma-informed institution. I work with many students from a widening-participation background, so I have much experience working with under-represented groups, including students with neurodiversity.  Additionally, working with students affected by trauma means I have developed the skills to foster an environment that does not re-traumatise or deter healing.

Understanding behaviour as a form of communication that could be rooted in experiences of trauma, adversity, and neurodiversity has directed my working strategies to ensure inclusivity, whereby I adapt my teaching and communication while possessing excellent knowledge of services and other resources available. My experience has provided me with a culture of understanding about how we can thrive in education by recognising our strengths and building resilience so that staff and students alike are equipped to achieve their goals. Whether you are a student or professional, by sharing the skills I have learned, I can help you navigate your way through the workplace with confidence, assertiveness, and joy!

For more information about my professional background, qualifications and accreditations, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

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