Access to Work (A2W) grant

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The Access to Work grant is available for individuals with recognised disabilities who are employed or self-employed. This grant is managed by the Department of Work and Pensions and provides practical support and advice to overcome obstacles in the workplace. In addition to coaching support, it covers various additional employment expenses, including specialist software, equipment, and virtual assistants. Notably, there are no restrictions based on earnings, and it is applicable to any job.

For those who are employed, the scheme is facilitated through the employer, so requires the disclosure of your condition. Employers with over fifty staff are expected to contribute to the costs of specialised software and equipment. However, regardless of the company or business size, the grant fully covers coaching support costs.

At Neuro Directions, we offer grant funded Autism coaching support and ADHD coaching support, helping individuals develop effective strategies to thrive and succeed in the workplace.

To ensure a timely process, we highly recommend applying as soon as possible. It’s important to note that the Access to Work Service mandates that coaching support sessions be conducted within a specific timeframe.

Access to Work grant eligibility criteria includes:
  • Documented diagnosed condition
  • Age 16 or over
  • Live in England, Scotland, or Wales
  • Either employed or self-employed

For more information about the Access to Work grant call 0345 268 8489 or visit

What support can I get?

The support you can get varies according to your specific needs. It can include coaching, personal assistant support for particular tasks, equipment, and software. If you are unsure what help you need, you can request a workplace needs assessment when applying for Access to Work. At Neuro Directions, we have developed a partnership with Send it to Alex, where a complimentary support package can be offered.

Help with applying for the Access to Work grant

Some people have experienced the process of applying for the access to work grant and the subsequent admin work required a challenge. Our partner organisation, Send it to Alex, can support you with this process. They can still help you even if you have already applied to Access to Work.

Coaching Support Quotes

If you have already applied for the grant and would like a quotation for coaching, please book a free discovery session via the booking page to discuss your needs. We can send you a suitable proposal and quote that will meet your needs. You must then send this to your allocated officer Access to Work Service, who manages the scheme.

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Our Partners

We specialise in coaching, mentoring, training, and consultancy. However, we recognise that neurodivergent people might need support from other services too. To this end, we work in close partnership with several organisations that offer assessment, medication, therapy, and counselling, as well as practical and targeted support for executive functioning.